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Blog Travelport: 'Technology is key for travel experience'

Blog Travelport: ‘Technology is key for travel experience’

Door: | 11 december, 2018

What are people’s hotel must-haves across the globe? Or how much personal info are your customers prepared to give away for easier travel? Travelers say technology is key to their travel experience

The world’s travelers say mobile devices are just as vital for travel as they are for any other aspect of daily life. The desire for new technologies, such as voice search, e-payment and digital room keys, are every increasing to simplify and enhance travel experiences.

These are among results from the Travelport 2018 Global Digital Traveler Survey of 16,000 travelers from 25 countries which include:

  • Mobile remains crucial, but travelers want a consolidated experience
  • New technologies are continuing to grow in prominence
  • Travelers want technology to continue to simplify and enhance the travel experience

Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of Travelport commented: “We can all see the way technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. The travel industry has always been about new experiences and adopted new technologies early. This is as true today, with such high demand for voice search and biometric screening, as it was when I joined this industry almost thirty years ago.

“At Travelport, we’ll always provide choice for customers and travelers, drive performance and use the intelligence in our platform to personalize and tailor your travel experience. But we’re also busy innovating, inspiring and experimenting with ways to use new technologies to make buying and managing travel continually better. It’s great to see confirmation that today’s travelers are already as excited about future technologies as we are about making them.”

The 2018 Global Digital Traveler League Table
The report also includes the 2018 Digital Traveler League Table, with India crowned champions for the second year in a row as the country with the most digitally-advanced travelers.  The standings are based on a combination of the main indicators using technology to enhance the travel experience. For example, India’s top position is maintained due to 69% of the country’s travelers using voice search, over 60% wanting digital room keys and 88% saying they are influenced to travel by friends on social media.

For a full report and ranking of to find out if your country is in the top 10? Please visit and download your report now!

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